ED can be a warning of heart disease

Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

Erectile dysfunction can be the canary in the coal mine for the number one killer of men, heart disease.  Your body is letting you know that conditions may exist that could affect more than your sex life. New data actually shows that for men, erectile dysfunction is as strong a predictor of future heart disease and heart attack as smoking and family history. At Men’s Performance Clinic we see ED as a message from your body letting you know to seek help.  Check out this short video.

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Acoustic Wave treatment for ED

Revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction in the Chicago area

Treat the root cause… low blood flow

Medical advances usually move forward in small steps, but sometimes discoveries result in large advancements that change the way an affliction can be approached. Acoustic wave therapy is one of those revolutionary treatments. Why? Because, unlike drug therapies, which mask the issue, acoustic wave treatment works in the realm of blood flow, which is a key factor to experience a full and hard erection. Things that affect your blood flow relate to your blood pressure, diet and exercise, as well as other health issues you may be experiencing like diabetes or heart disease. Medications you may be taking can affect your blood flow as well.

You don’t have to watch cable tv these days for more than 5 minutes before advertising for a pharmaceutical appears on the screen. The list of side effects isn’t in small print—but the ad quickly gets to the part of what can happen to you—if you take the drug. And it’s not pretty. That’s how it works. As long as they warn you, it’s not their fault. Here at Men’s Performance Clinic, we’re warning you. ED drugs have a host of unpleasant side effects—that quite frankly are not a good idea if indeed you do have heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Our mission is help you understand the root cause of the condition causing your erectile dysfunction. We also know that lifestyle changes take time, and to feel better in the mean time, you can transform your sex life, and your level of intimacy on your way to healing. Sure we all want to be healthy, but sex is a pretty fun part of life—that you don’t need to miss out on, with acoustic wave treatment now available in the greater Chicago area.

We’re easy to talk with and we want to hear about your unique situation in confidence.

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ED can be embarrassing

ED can be embarrassing

The most important step is to follow through on treatment.

You are not alone—many men suffer from the same problem. We can help you. Younger men are increasingly reporting ED too. The earlier you address the situation the more effective the treatment. The men that seem happiest are the ones that follow through on a treatment plan. Men’s Performance Clinic is able to offer an option that involves no pills, no side-effects, no surgery.

When you hide what you’re going through, relationship problems can emerge unnecessarily. Schedule a free, no pressure consultation either in person or on the phone.

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