How to Meditate

Meditation can reduce stress and fear which will help strengthen your immune system. It is free and you can do it anywhere.

There are numerous studies and articles on the internet that talk about all the benefits of meditating. There is a recent article in Newsweek on how meditating may reduce aging of our brain which is confirmed in many studies. This Forbes magazine article states that meditation rivals the results of anitdepressants for depression and anxiety.  They also state, “Just a Few Days of Training Improves Concentration and Attention”. 

With all these benefits, why don’t more people meditate? Two of the biggest excuses are “I’m doing this wrong” and “I don’t have time”.  The good new is, there is not one right way to meditate and if you have 1 minute a day, you have enough time.

This short video will give you the tools that you need to start meditating immediately and to start enjoying the benefits of meditating today.

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