Dr. Alex is an anti-aging specialist, to help you feel younger

We take the Hippocratic Oath serious, First, Do No Harm. All our treatments are extremely safe and designed to encourage your body to heal itself. Our goal is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be, with No side effects.

Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos

Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos, MD’s career in medicine has been focused on healing and helping people experience the vibrancy they were always meant to have. He approaches problems with a solution-based mindset, integrating the physical, mental and emotional health of his patients into the healing process. 

Dr. Alex has a background in Ashtanga Yoga and Shao-lin Kung Fu—practices that have helped him achieve a state of health and vibrancy he had never experienced before. Incorporating aspects of these physical and spiritual disciplines into his healing approach is a part of his own medical philosophy. Dr. Alex is a life-long learner.

In addition to his medical degree and residency, he completed the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine, as well as the Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) Advanced Fellowship in Stem Cell Therapeutics. 

Dr. Alex was an early adopter of stem cell technology and was working with patient cases as early as 2013, giving him an expertise and working knowledge few can claim.As a patient of Men’s Performance Clinic, men can expect a dynamic and customized roadmap toward achieving and solving their unique health problems and health goals.

David Dorn

David Dorn has over 30 years of experience in health care related businesses. As the Founder and Publisher of “The Biotechnology Business Report” in 1985, David helped the investment community understand which emerging genetic engineering technologies would be most impactful on patient health.

More directly improving patient care, David founded Red Oak Medical, a company that became a leading provider of CPAP equipment and supplies in the Midwest.

Building on expertise in Sleep Apnea, David started Better Sunrise, providing home sleep testing to make it easier for people to get diagnosed and treated for Sleep Apnea.

As Co-Founder of Men’s Performance Clinic, David creates services and resources to help men experience sex and love in ways that are transformational in their lives.  

head shot of Chuck Ginsberg of Men's Performance Clinic
Chuck Ginsberg

At Men’s Performance Clinic we know that good sex is important for good health. By offering a multi-faceted approach that addresses the root causes as opposed to treating symptoms, we help men of all ages have better sex.

Chuck’s thinking is greatly influenced by the approach of Chinese Medicine that is very effective in treating chronic health issues.  He finds it amazing that the Chinese have literally thousands of years of written observation of effective treatments that are relevant today.

By combining today’s state of the art technologies with ancient wisdom, Men’s Performance Clinic helps men experience profound improvement in their sex lives.