At Men’s Performance Clinic, we offer a range of services in order to create a custom treatment plan for you.  

The initial consultation consists of a physical exam, a medical history and a blood test. After that, your customized plan will be designed based on this information and with your goals in mind.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is our cornerstone treatment and above all, it is Safe with No Known Side Effects. It will help increase the blood flow by breaking up blockages in your penis. Thus giving you harder, longer lasting erections.

Our Wellness Program, depending on your specific needs, can address Weight Loss, Diet, Exercise, Hormone Optimization Therapy, Supplements and other modalities to help improve your overall performance.

To deliver the most effective treatments, we are continually evaluating new protocols in Sexual Health. Our Medical Director, Dr. Paziotopoulos is an anti-aging specialist. Dr. Hernandez, one of our partners, has treated thousands of patients and has trained over 500 physicians on Sexual Health. With their guidance, you can be assured that our treatments are Safe and Effective.