What is your immune system’s first line of defense?

Proper nose breathing is a natural immune booster

Breathing through your mouth can open you up to potential infection.  Breathing through your nose is especially critical in times of stress or when you are exposed to potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Your body’s first line of defense is nasal nitric oxide, produced in your nose.  It sterilizes the air you breathe, increases oxygen in the blood and has known anti-viral and anti-microbial properties.

If you breathe through your mouth, you are giving your body no chance to defend itself; microorganisms flood into the lungs unfiltered and undisturbed.  By breathing exclusively through your nose, your body has the opportunity to engage its infection fighting capabilities and keep you healthy.

You should ALWAYS breathe through your nose throughout the day, during exercise and while asleep.

Stress and illness create an impulse to breathe harder and faster through your mouth.  This is the reverse of how you should breathe and can actually worsen your blood oxygen level and feeling of breathlessness.  You want to slow your breathing down by taking long, slow, deep breaths through your nose, into the lower lungs. Remember – “LSD” –  Long, Slow, Deep breathing is the key. Feeling a bit of air hunger is beneficial – it means carbon dioxide is building in your system which will quiet your mind and relax your body.

In the above video I walk you through a simple exercise to boost your immune system and to strengthen your body’s natural disease fighting capacities.

To your good health!

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Listen to the video above on how this doctor from Arizona thinks Vitamin C can keep you healthier.

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