Erectile Dysfunction

Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Acoustic Wave Therapy

For many people, living with erectile dysfunction, sometimes called ED, can be embarrassing. To deal with the problems they turn to taking pills but, as we’ll soon see, this isn’t the ideal situation. This can often lead to a loss of confidence as men start to believe that something is wrong with them. Some people may even believe that they can never have sexual fulfillment like they used to. Thankfully, there is a solution that can help men overcome this problem and enjoy their sexual lives again. This treatment is called Acoustic Wave Therapy. Let’s explore more about erectile dysfunction, why it occurs and why this treatment is one of the best options for men affected by this condition.

Erectile Dysfunction Is A Strong Predictor For Heart Disease

Before we discuss the treatments available for ED, let’s first examine why this condition occurs. Erectile dysfunction occurs when you frequently cannot maintain an erection. In the past it was believed that psychological factors caused the disease, which helped to create a social stigma around having erectile dysfunction. Now though, we know that physical factors cause around 90% of cases. Though this condition can be caused or worsened by medications, it is usually associated with heart disease. Let’s take a closer look at this association and why it is important to your health.

The most common reason why men can’t create or maintain an erection is because they have blood pressure problems. For this reason, having erectile dysfunction can be an indication that you might be more susceptible to medical conditions like heart attack or stroke. In fact, studies have shown that erectile dysfunction is the leading predictor of heart disease in men aged between 45 and 50. This is because the blood vessels that take blood into the penis are smaller than the vessels that feed the heart. So, blood flow problems usually develop in the penis before they do in the heart. For this reason, anyone with erectile dysfunction problems should consult with a doctor immediately.

Side Effects From Pills

One of the most common ways of facing erectile dysfunction is by taking pills. Some of the most common pills available are Viagra and Cealis. However, as we’ll discuss, while these pills may help overcome erectile dysfunction, they also have significant negative side effects. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common side effects now.

When considering any kind of medical treatment, you should also consider the potential side effects that you may face as a result. Sadly, many men don’t do the proper research before choosing these pills. Some of the most common side effects include; headaches, digestion issues and a blocked nose. There are, however, more concerning side effects. Many people report suffering a long-lasting painful erection. Some people have had heart attacks after taking these pills. However, one of the most concerning side effects is sight issues. Some people report becoming more sensitive to light after taking these pills. According to Medical News Today, there have also been people who have received damage to their optical nerve. In addition, though it is very rare, some people have suffered a sudden loss of vision after taking these pills. Another concerning aspect of ED pills is the potential of losing or damaging your hearing. In fact, in 2007 Viagra was forced to list a warning about the potential sudden loss of hearing on the package. For some, these effects have been so severe that men have been forced to go to the emergency room. Despite these potential dangers, many people still seem to believe that ED pills are harmless. Now that we understand a little more about the potential side effects that you may face if you choose to take pills, let’s look at some mental health problems that may develop if you only rely on pills to treat your erectile dysfunction.

One of the most common problems that men face when taking these pills is that they cannot control the erection. This means that they can no longer be spontaneous in their sexual lives. This can lead some people to become even more embarrassed or depressed about living with this condition. Another common complaint is that it is only a temporary solution. It isn’t an effective long-term ED cure. It can also be expensive, as you continually need to purchase new pills. In addition, there are many counterfeit pills available on the market. These pills contain numerous dangerous substances which, if ingested, may cause serious health damage. In fact, these counterfeit pills were so prevalent that in 2017 around $17 million were seized by UK Border Patrol. Thankfully, men don’t need to take any kind of pill as there is a more effective treatment currently available. It’s called Acoustic Wave Therapy. Let’s take a closer look at how it works and the benefits that it can provide to you.

A More Effective Solution: Acoustic Wave Therapy

For people living with erectile dysfunction it can be difficult to find an effective ED treatment. However, acoustic wave therapy does provide an effective, long-term solution. It works by acting at the source of the problem, which is usually the blood flow to the penis. Let’s take a closer look at this solution and how it can be the most effective way of treating erectile dysfunction.

Before we discuss some of the benefits that this kind of treatment offers, let’s first look at how it helps ED. This non-invasive treatment works by sending sound waves of energy into your penis. This will encourage the body to improve blood circulation in this area. This may include dissolving any plaque that has built-up and encouraging the growth of new blood vessels. By doing this, your erectile tissue will be rejuvenated. This will restore a healthy blood flow to the penis and make it easier for you to maintain a strong, hard erection. Because there is no down time, you can get this ED cure quickly and easily. Now that we know a little more about how this ED treatment works, let’s look at how this can benefit you.

For people who live with erectile dysfunction, this treatment offers a wide array of benefits. First, it can solve the problem. Pills only offer a temporary solution to this condition, often only working for a few hours. It will also be much affordable over a long-term period. Another benefit Acoustic Wave Therapy has over taking pills is that it will allow you to have a more spontaneous sexual experience. There are also none of the potentially harmful side effects associated with taking pills when you get this treatment performed. In fact, this treatment is very safe and we have not seen any side effects reported in over 20 studies. In addition, this treatment works for people who can’t take the pills. For people with certain conditions, taking erectile dysfunction pills means that they risk doing serious damage to their health. This can lead them to believe that they will never be able to achieve sexual satisfaction. Thankfully, through this treatment, they will be able to treat their erectile dysfunction. This treatment is available to many people from a men’s ED clinic, making it easier for you to discuss this condition. Unfortunately, because of the social stigma that surrounds erectile dysfunction, many men are uncomfortable discussing it with a doctor.

Reducing The Stigma With A Supportive Environment

As we’ve discussed, Acoustic Wave Therapy is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. It helps restore blood flow to give you harder, stronger erections. However, many people won’t take this option because they feel too embarrassed to discuss this problem with a doctor. The reason for this is often because there is a social stigma around erectile dysfunction, with a common misperception being that they can’t maintain stronger erections because of psychological reasons. As we’ve discussed, for many people this won’t be the reason why they have developed this condition. At Men’s Performance Clinic we understand that it can be embarrassing to have this conversation. By creating a safe environment we can help you understand the root cause and the physical reasons why you might have erectile dysfunction. We can help you reduce the stigma surrounding this issue and make it easier for you to get the ED help that you need.

In summary, erectile dysfunction is a common disease that affects around 20 million men in America, according to research published in the American Journal of Medicine. This condition can lead to embarrassment and even depression. To help them overcome this condition, many people turn to pills like Viagra. However, these pills have many negative side effects including loss of sight and hearing. Thankfully, our erectile dysfunction Chicago clinic offers Acoustic Wave Therapy which treats this problem at the source by increasing blood flow. Give us a call today and we can explain how  the benefits of this treatment for you.

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