Frequently Asked Questions

What is your 3-Step Treatment Plan?

1)  It all starts with a free consultation, where we have a chance to understand what you are experiencing and answer all your questions

2)  If we both decide that we are a good fit to work together, we do a blood test and a physical.

3)  With all this information, our medical team designs a customized treatment plan for you.

Is your 3-Step Treatment Plan right for me?

The answer to this question, generally comes down to one question: Am I ready for a change?

The men who have had enough of feeling inadequate and are tired of this complication in their life, are the ones who reach out and take the next step.

I have found that until you are ready to take action, nothing much will change.

How can you increase the blood flow to my penis?

When you were young, you had an abundance of tiny blood vessels in your penis, which made erections easy.  As you have aged, your blood vessels have clogged and deteriorated. 

The Acoustic Wave Treatment is one of three treatments that we use to help improve blood flow to your penis.  Rather than taking a pill which does nothing to actually address the cause of the problem, the Acoustic Wave Treatment is a therapy that opens up your existing blood vessels, and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels.

It breaks up blockages and it creates a healing response so your body grows more blood vessels.  More blood vessels means more blood flow and better erections.

Are there any side effects with Acoustic Wave Treatment?

Acoustic wave treatment is one of the safest and most effective ways to restore blood flow to your penis.  It is a revolutionary treatment that has been used safely for over 15 years and has shown no adverse effects in over 50 clinical studies.

Is Testosterone dangerous?

It can be, especially if it is not managed properly.

We start with a combination of medications that help your body maximize your own testosterone production… this is the safest approach.

If your body still needs help, we use a low dose of testosterone

Be careful because every clinic is not the same.  We have had men come to our clinic who are literally prescribed ten times the weekly dose that we prescribe, 10 TIMES!

Excessively high doses of testosterone can cause your testicles to stop producing testosterone completely, and they can in some cases shrivel up.  No one wants testicles the size of raisins.

Are the results long lasting?

If you take care of yourself, the results can last 2-3 years.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, smoke, drink and get little exercise, all these factors have a negative impact on your blood vessels.  The results will not be as long lasting.

How much does it cost?

How much would it be worth to you, to feel more powerful and effective?  To be more like the man you want to be in your life? To be able to connect with your partner in a way that is satisfying for you both?

Since every treatment plan is customized for you, I cannot give you a price without knowing more.

With a quick 15 minute call, we can give you a realistic price range.  

Either call us at 312-789-4450 or click the button below to schedule a free consult.

Graphic showing before and after image of blood vessels from acoustic wave therapy

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