Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a sad reality that more or less every man (and, indeed, many women) have to deal with at one point or another. It’s the sort of thing that seems a trivial concern until it happens to you, at which point you realize that it’s not just about the fact that your hair is receding – it’s about the fact that it’s giving you a horrid reminder, every time you look in the mirror, of your advancing years.

Fortunately, recent strides in the realm of scientific advancement have seeped into every facet of the medical industry – including the branch of hair restoration. As a result, in recent years, we have seen some genuine revolutions when it comes to restoring hair and preventing loss; and nowadays, there are more options available for follicly challenged men than there have ever been.

As is often the case with medical procedures of all kinds, it’s rapidly becoming apparent that, when it comes to hair restoration, the best approach is not a single treatment, but rather, a combination of treatments, all used alongside each other, so you can attain the best possible results.

Our 3-Step Process to Hair Restoration

Our approach to hair restoration, combines three forms of treatment: platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections; Theradome light treatment; and topical hair ointment. These three techniques are combined in such a way as to maximize their results, with each treatment enhancing the effects of the others.

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Figure 1: Our treatment's effects are substantial, and attainable through safe and natural means

PRP Shots – an extremely safe and effective procedure

Platelet-rich plasma shots are one of the many representations of our growing understanding of the human body. Hair restoration is but one of the plasma shots many applications – indeed, in recent years, PPR shots have gained widespread notice because of various athletes’ using them as a go-to treatment for rapid recovery from their injuries.

In brief, PRP shots are designed to enhance the human body’s natural ability to heal itself – a concept that was once the domain of science fiction. Platelets are blood cell fragments which exist within the bloodstream alongside red and white blood cells. Aside from playing a significant role in fostering the clotting of blood, platelets also contain hundreds of different proteins which are essential to the body’s ability to heal.

PRP shots, in a nutshell, contain a plasma (that is, the liquid portion of blood) that is rich in platelets. The plasma, naturally, ups the blood’s platelet count, thus enhancing the body’s ability to draw upon healing proteins and recover from injuries.

Frequently injected into the precise portion of the body requiring regrowth or recovery, PRP shots are used to treat a broad variety of afflictions, from arthritis to fractures, to tendon injuries. Furthermore, luckily for us, it’s also useful for fostering the regrowth of receding hair.

The process is a simple one: a sample of your blood is drawn, usually from the arm, and placed into a centrifuge which separates it into red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and platelet-rich plasma. The platelet-rich plasma is then drawn into a syringe and injected into the portion of the scalp requiring regrowth.

PRP shots, in many ways, represent not only our growing understanding of the intricacies of the human body, both inside and out, but also how we are increasingly using this knowledge to treat our physical afflictions in a way that is not only more effective but far safer than past approaches.

There is, to put it simply, nothing risky about PRP injections. Having no risks may sound odd, considering that most medical injections represent the possibility of excess or overdosing to some degree; but PRP shots are simply the re-injection of one’s own blood – refined to enhance its healing factor – into one’s body. It’s an approach to medical treatment that offers results with no real risk, and which draws upon the beneficial aspects of one’s own body, rather than relying on the effects of external chemicals that would not naturally occur within the body.

Theradome Hair Helmet – Convenient, Effective and Safe

Laser hair treatment has been a phenomenon for a while, but every year, it’s steadily improved. Its initial innovation was arguably one of the first signs that even cosmetic surgery can be made more efficient and effective by the modern advances in the medical field, as it represented an early move away from the far more invasive and less safe procedure of hair transplant surgery.

Also, despite what one might be inclined to think, the process is a relatively simple one. In brief, photons are irradiated onto the scalp via low-level lasers. These photons are absorbed by the cells of the scalp; and over the course of a few short months, they foster the steady regrowth of lost hair.

We opt to use the Theradome laser hair growth helmet. This cordless device, available without any prescription, is a significant contribution to the world of home-based hair treatment. Developed over the course of five years and drawing upon research from a team of doctors and biomedical engineers. Fitting snugly onto the head, the Theradome helmet needs to be left on for 20 minutes a day, during which time, its 80 laser diodes penetrate the scalp’s follicles, gently fostering the regrowth of lost hair. Due to its lack of wiring or the need for any external power source, you need only to place it upon your head, turn it on, and allow it to take steady effect while going about your day.

Traditional forms of laser treatment can require regular weekly visits to a surgeon and can cost thousands in monthly installments. The Theradome helmet not only is far more convenient, representing the sort of treatment that can be passively applied during ordinary home life, rather than while confined to a medical chair; it is also far more affordable, available through a simple one-time payment.

Topical Hair Cream

The odds are that most of us have encountered topical ointments and creams at some point or other. “Topical” refers simply to a lotion that is applied to a specific part of the body, and such is the case with topical hair growth creams. Merely through regular application to your scalp over a set period, topical creams can foster the regrowth of lost hair in a way that once could only be done through invasive surgery.

Our Treatment: The Grow Your Hair Back Program

These, in brief, are the three necessary components that make up our distinctive treatment to help you grow hair naturally. What sets our procedure apart is not merely that we have taken the innovative step of combining several existing processes to enhance the effects fully and compensate for the weaknesses of each one of them. It is also that, in the spirit of modern cosmetics, we have made an effort to combine effectiveness with safety and minimal side effects.

All our treatments are minimal in their impact upon the body – besides, of course, fostering the growth of lost hair.

PRP shots, for instance, have little to no side effects or negative impact upon the body – it is, after all, merely a re-injection of one’s blood, refined to be more platelet-rich, into the body. Likewise, the topical hair ointments that we use, cannot be over-applied or have any adverse effects; and the Theradome, besides its simplicity, convenience, and affordability, is also set apart from other forms of laser therapy in that it requires no additional medication and has no side effects.

Our 3-Step treatment truly represents how far hair restoration has advanced in recent years. At one point in history, the only option for men and women wishing to delay the ravages of time and restore their lost hair was to have a full hair transplant – a procedure that was time-consuming, painful, invasive, and, if done improperly, potentially dangerous.

Consider our treatment, and you’ll be giving yourself the sort of high-quality treatment that you deserve while enjoying the peace of mind offered by the knowledge that you are encouraging the restoration of your hair, while not putting your body through any substantial risks, rigors, or exposure to unnatural elements. It’s a treatment specifically designed to allow you to beat back the ruthless effects of age without the guilt or anxiety brought on by the dangers of extreme treatments.

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Figure 2: Our commitment is to fostering hair restoration in a manner that combines effectiveness with safe, natural, risk-free treatment.