IV Hydration Therapy

Stay healthier and stronger with our IV Therapy. It offers you a great way to ramp up your immune system safely and effectively.

Some of the benefits of delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream by IV can be: 

  • Flushing toxins from your system
  • Prevent and speed recovery from illness
  • Increase energy levels and stamina
  • Treating hangover symptoms
  • Nourishes and hydrates depleted cells

Our Immune Boost IV is loaded with 25 grams (25,000 mg) of vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant, which is effective in eradicating the flu (see study). - That's like taking 25 vitamin C capsules

It's loaded with essential amino acids which is the raw materials that you cannot get in food to make anti-bodies.

Vitamin B-12 complex will keep your red blood cells healthy.

And another powerful anti-oxidant, Glutathione which cleans and revitalizes your liver and kidneys.

IV therapy offers a much more effective option for delivering these nutrients to your body.  Rather than going through your digestive tract, the Immune Boost IV delivers these vitamins and nutrients directly into your blood stream. They are 100% available to your cells immediately, giving you a better result.

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