Testosterone Optimization

Are you on the testosterone rollercoaster with a picture of a rollercoaster

Every testosterone clinic has a different hormone optimization program. It's not like going to the pharmacy and grapping a bottle of Tylenol, where it's the same everywhere.

We err on the side of safety... after all the Hippocratic Oath states: First Do No Harm and we take that seriously.

Our programs start with a comprehensive blood test to find out what is happening on that level.  We evaluate 17 parameters that are related to men’s overall health and erectile functioning.  Not only is the total testosterone number relevant but more importantly, we want to know the amount of free testosterone.

Free testosterone levels are correlated more closely with erectile functioning than total testosterone.  Some men may be in a good range for total testosterone but their free testosterone level may be low.  This info is very important in creating an effective treatment plan.

For other men, the problem may be caused from their body converting testosterone into estrogen.  As you can see, it’s not just knowing your total testosterone, we need to know other levels for a complete picture.

When we design a custom treatment plan for you, we may use supplements if that would be helpful for you.  Generally, we will also recommend a combination of medications that help your body maximize your own testosterone production… this is the safest approach.

If your body still needs help, we use a low dose of testosterone.

Be careful because every clinic is not the same. We have had men come to our clinic who are literally prescribed ten times the weekly dose that we prescribe, 10 TIMES!

It's not uncommon for a testosterone clinic to prescribe testosterone injections only once or twice a month.  This type of plan can put you on a testosterone roller coaster. 

What is the Testosterone Roller Coaster?  It all starts when you receive a monthly dose of testosterone in one injection. This can take you to the top of the roller coaster and you’ll feel great.  After the testosterone leaves your system in about a week, you’ll start feeling lousy. By the time you’re ready for your next injection, you will be at the bottom of the roller coaster.  Now the new shot, sends you back to the top and you can experience the testosterone roller coaster all over again.

Excessively high doses of testosterone can cause your testicles to shrivel up because they can stop producing testosterone completely. No one wants testicles the size of raisins.

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